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Fixed and removable prostheses

Dental restorations allow the functional and esthetic rehabilitation of partially or totally edentulous dental arches by placing fixed or removable, full or partial prosthetic devices.

A removable partial dental restoration replaces a limited number of teeth, through devices resting in part on the gum tissues and in part on the stable teeth via retaining elements.

A removable full prosthesis can rehabilitate mastication of totally edentulous arches, using devices with a fully mucous support or reinforced by osseointegrated implants that increase its stability and durability.

A fixed prosthesis restores the integrity of individual damaged dental elements (single crowns) and replaces missing teeth (bridges). It is performed both on natural teeth and on osseointegrated implants.

All materials used for fixed prostheses are chosen according to clinical, aesthetic, economic and allergological needs of each patient. Each prosthetic device is certified by the dental laboratory in accordance with the regulations in force.

Dr. Lorenzo Chimetto is passionately dedicated to restoring each patient’s dental health and self-esteem through prosthetic rehabilitation, fully skilled after his II level Master’s Degree in Implantology and Implantoprosthesis from the University of Pisa and his long term experience in dental technology.