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Endodontics (also known as root canal treatment) deals with the treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and their effects on the alveolar structure and soft tissue surrounding the root…

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Minimally invasive dentistry

The use of LASER technology allows a targeted and selective removal of the tooth infected tissues, a very conservative approach, that respects the healthy tissues of the tooth and causes…

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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery includes a number of therapies that aim to remove infectious-inflammatory processes or to restoring bone or mucous tissues for prosthetic purposes. Among these tooth extraction, root residue and…

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Paedodontics, or pediatric dentistry, focuses the attention on children’s teeth care. It includes many of the therapies performed in adults but uses specific materials and a delicate approach that making…

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Fixed and removable prostheses

Dental restorations allow the functional and esthetic rehabilitation of partially or totally edentulous dental arches by placing fixed or removable, full or partial prosthetic devices. A removable partial dental restoration…

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Orthodontics deals with the treatment of abnormal position and development of teeth and maxillary bones. It aims to restore a proper mastication and to achieve a good final aesthetics and…

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