Dental Associates Clinic of Dr. Lorenzo Chimetto and Dr. Natalia Filice

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Modern dentistry is primarily based on prevention, based on practices aimed both at preventing the development of pathologies and the early treatment of dental disorders.

That is the reason why the Dental Associates Clinic devotes much time to evaluate the patients’ clinical and radiographic status and to teach healthy eating habits, hygiene and lifestyle to follow in everyday life to prevent tooth decay and all dental problems.

A good lifestyle helps preventing dentistry disorders and encourages the success of dental treatments in progress.

The goals of dentistry prevention may be extended beyond the mouth: there are many scientific evidences proving that a clean mouth without problems can prevent other medical disorders like cardiovascular and renal problems, diabetes, preterm birth and stroke.

Edentulism makes also difficult a proper nutrition, leading to a reduced consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, foundations of the Mediterranean diet, toward a higher intake of softer foods, such as carbohydrates, refined sugars and fats, which in the long run have a very negative impact on health.