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Periodontology intends to preserve and treat all tooth supporting structures, defined periodontium. They include both soft tissue (periodontal ligament and gingiva) and hard tissue (cementum and alveolar bone) that surround the tooth and in healthy status provide its stability.

Periodontal diseases are gingivitis and periodontitis; periodontitis, also known as gum disease or periodontal disease, is a chronic inflammatory disease. Such symptoms as bleeding or swelling gums, mobility or moving teeth, an increased sensitivity to heat and cold, must be considered a wake-up call to undergo a specialist periodontal check-up.

Bacteria that cause gum diseases are likely to increase the risk of systemic disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and respiratory infections.

Dr. Natalia Filice attended several Periodontology courses and seminars, she earned her Master’s Degree in Periodontics at the University of Pisa and her PhD in Experimental Periodontology at the University of Milan-Bicocca. She has written several articles on topics related to periodontitis for various Italian and international magazines, she contributed to the project “Periodontal disease as emergent systemic pathology: development of a new clinical unit for patients global health care” developed by prof. Filippo Graziani and she is also a member of SIdP (Italian Society of Periodontology).

Dr. Natalia Filice is specialized in periodontology, following with passion all her patients step by step from the initial phase to the possible surgical and maintenance phase.