Dental Associates Clinic of Dr. Lorenzo Chimetto and Dr. Natalia Filice

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modern, young and dynamic environment, inspired by professionalism and enthusiasm as fundamental principles welcomes patients in the Dental Associates Clinic of Dr. Lorenzo Chimetto and Dr. Natalia Filice.

Thanks to the team constant professional updating and clinical research activities, the Dental Associates Clinic treats the problems of their patients with therapies always supported by scientific evidences, according to international guidelines, paying the utmost attention to pain and emotional management associated to dental treatments (anxiety, odontophobia, etc.).

The Clinic provides its patients the highest standards of environmental hygiene and sterility, according to the protocols provided by law.

The philosophy of Dr. Lorenzo Chimetto and Dr. Natalia Filice gives priority to the qualitative aspect of the therapies without ever losing sight of the human connection with patients, establishing with them a relationship of trust and cordiality. To achieve these goals the team dedicates to their patients all the time required to follow them in every therapeutic and psychological aspects, supported by the precious collaboration of a caring and trained team of dentists and a dialogue with medical specialists.


Modern dentistry is primarily based on prevention, based on practices aimed both at preventing the development of pathologies and the early treatment of dental disorders.


Esthetic dentistry can make your teeth look better and natural, while preserving the integrity of the dental-periodontal complex.


Periodontology intends to preserve and treat all tooth supporting structures, defined periodontium.


Osseointegrated Implantology can replace missing teeth inserting synthetic titanium roots anchored to the alveolar bone, known as osseointegrated implants.


Orthodontics deals with the treatment of abnormal position and development of teeth and maxillary bones.

Fixed and removable prostheses

Dental restorations allow the functional and esthetic rehabilitation of partially or totally edentulous dental arches by placing fixed or removable, full or partial prosthetic devices.


Paedodontics, or pediatric dentistry, focuses the attention on children’s teeth care.

Minimally invasive dentistry

The use of LASER technology allows a targeted and selective removal of the tooth infected tissues.

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery includes a number of therapies that aim to remove infectious-inflammatory processes or to restoring bone or mucous tissues for prosthetic purposes.